May 5, 2016

Join us!

Working at Language Institute

Founded in 2014, we are currently in our second year of activities. What does this mean? It means we’re still experimenting with different ways of working and constantly changing ourselves to grasp any upcoming opportunities. And so, our journey is not a straight, well-defined path. Sometimes we move forward amazingly fast like any other young, flexible organization. But there are also times we run in circles, finding ourselves learning from mistakes and starting from scratches. It’s not easy, and you won’t have a chance to be a couch potato in our team. How much you could learn depends partly on how much effort you are willing to make.

The greatest strength of our current team is its self-motivation, willingness to learn, entrepreneurial spirit and cooperativeness. We bring to the discussion our diversity in knowledge, cultural backgrounds and personalities. 

You will be working in a team of 5 – 6 people. The team size get always get smaller or bigger depending on our planning. The people you will work with can be greatly different from you. So we encourage all team members to walk pass ignorance of oneself, learn to understand and grow together. We work, hang out and poke fun at each other.

Open Roles

The name tags are not meant to be prescriptive in any sense – the marketing manager will find herself discussing about course curriculum as much as business developer may find himself helping out with copywriting. Interdisciplinary learning is what we’re striving for!

We're looking for:


Program manager

Please send your your CV and motivation letter to and we will evaluate your application as fast as possible.