May 23, 2016

About Us

It began when our two co-founders Farhad and Fariha Amiri noticed that many of their talented international friends were leaving the country after graduation.When looking up the statistics, they learned that while 70 percent of international students have the ambition to work in the Netherlands, merely 27 percent managed to secure a job offer and stay. Not knowing the Dutch language and culture have largely limited them to career opportunities in the country.

The Amiri brother and sister believed that the key to a more successful job search of non-Dutch young professionals was the comprehension of the language, the understanding of the culture and thereby the ability to participate in the society. They established Language Institute in October 2014 as a not-for-profit organization to equip international talents with necessary tools to access the Dutch job market

We strive to achieve our vision in three ways:
 - Offer Dutch courses at one of the lowest rates found in the Netherlands
 - Connect internationals with recruiters
 - Provide practical career trainings 

The current Language Institute Executive Board receives tremendous support from our co-founders and Advisory Board members.

Farhad Amiri

Supervisory Board member

Robert Messchendorp

IT Advisor


Fariha Amiri

Supervisory Board member